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September 22, 2008


Matt McKnight

The connection is obvious to me: after inflation strikes we can say goodbye to organic fresh food and hello to the long tail of dented cans at the back of the grocery store.

Chris Eich

visualize whirled peas?

Bertil Hatt

Inflation is assumed to mean lower consumer purchasing power, hence forcing people to buy cheaper food — the symbol of that being tin-can peas. Truth is that booze or gambling would be more (statistically) appropriate, but probably less expressive to the general public.

I have to say that a high price, or a series of stroked-out tags with increasingly expensive figures would have been more convincing then the inappropriately explosive enthusiasm of those peas — but cover artists, like book subtitles, are trying to be original in their synthesis.


I'm with you. I'm clueless as to why they used a can of peas. I'm a magazine editor, too.

Andrew R

Didn't Allen Greenspan once say "If we don't get this inflation under control it will be messier than an exploding can of peas"? Or was that Allen Ginsberg?

Andrew R

oops, I meant ALAN Greenspan... I always get those two confused.


Peas are explosives... I guess..


In European culture, the stereotypical caricature depicting a poor person is of someone sitting at the curbside, wearing a torn jacket, gloves missing their fingertips, and possibly a toe or two sticking out of a hole in their shoes, eating a can of beans with a spoon. I've also seen it many times in American culture in comic books.

Karl Jane

I don't konw how to explain the connection between them.But everything will be connected in the world.It is you don'nt at precent.

Pasta recipeS

Yeah i didn't get it first too, but the following comments are right, it illustrates that sadly we can't buy what we want and we have to rely on cheaper canned food. The recession will be over some day, but for now, we need to stick to the basic i guess! Reminds me of my college day with ramen and rice!

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