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October 22, 2008


Kevin Kelly

It's a shame Wired has stopped doing interviews. A good interview can be powerful. You get to places a narrative can't.

Why not run an interview with Gilder now and hear what he is thinking (after the election)? What's after photonics? I'd be happy to talk to him again.


Maybe one statistic may help to help our appreciation of 'next big things in technology'. It takes on average 12 to 14 years before a new technology is being accepted.
Some silicon valley start-ups have done it more quickly, I know. 12 to 14 years is an average. Some are also accepted more slowly.

Wired Subscriber

George Gilder Rocks!

Jim Bursch

Bandwidth will certainly become so cheap that it can be wasted, but as that happens, it is going to uncover something that will always be dear (barring some great evolutionary leap), and that is mindshare. Like time, mindshare cannot be increased; it can only be reallocated.

It will be an exciting time when the tyranny of bandwidth-constraint is ended and real, unlimited competition for mindshare begins.

My Mindshare 10-Point Declaration
1. My mindshare is mine.
2. My mindshare has real monetary value.
3. I have a right to sell, trade, or keep my mindshare as I choose.
4. Nobody is entitled to take my mindshare without my permission.
5. Unsolicited and intrusive advertising amounts to mindshare theft.
6. Mindshare theft is wrong.
7. I have a right to resist mindshare theft.
8. I demand media that does not deal in stolen mindshare.
9. I support media that respects my mindshare.
10. The world is better when individuals control their mindshare and their media.

Eben Carlson

Markets without price information are arbitrarily inefficient and unnecessarily unclear. In many cases, how many clicks something gets is much less valuable information than even a ballpark idea of how much each consumer would be willing to pay for that click--how much each click would is worth.

Free isn't necessarily better than not free any more than welfare isn't always better than a job.

More about premium content and the value of floating content price points on whiteg.com

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