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December 02, 2008



i saw a movie a while back called 'how to cook your life'

and apparently there are a lot of people who are able to find free food, like the zen center in san francisco, food not bombs, and some random people in northern cal (go figure)(i can say that, b/c that's where i'm from)

i definitely think it's an interesting concept, especially since swapping and trading is starting to become more prevalent. but the fact still remains that someone, somewhere is paying for this.

Benni Bärmann

In Germany we have Heidemarie Schwermer, who lives without money since 1996. Her website (german only) is https://projekte.free.de/gibundnimm/

Chris Goward

One question: Why?

What's the benefit to living without money? You either have to beg or revert to the old bartering system. Money is simply a convenient tool to allow the indirect exchange of value.

Queen's nose

"Money is simply a..."

but that's exactly it: money is anything but simple because it is possible to profit from its exchange.

we can send people to the moon. there is enough food produced on the planet to feed everyone. yet because of the monetary system and the panic of traders on top of the foolishness of bankers, hundreds of thousands will starve and be homeless, while millions are jobless.

like drugs, money is great when it works and serves its purpose, but absolutely lethal when it doesn't.

perhaps if we used a system where interest could not be charged on debt.. however.. well at least then there could be no real profit from the transacting of money itself.


Yesterday I saw a movie: "Cinderella man" and i understand what means don't have money...
I hope don't never try that :(
Nice blog
(sorry for my bad english)


Self-styled freeconomist Mark Boyle will be shaving his head because shampoo is hard to grow.


Queen's nose,
is not the money to blame because there are people starving still in 2008 on this earth although there's enough food on the planet to feed everyone.
it is a complex combination of factors, politics, people's ignorance, economics, and a lot more. you can't simplify it to money, it would be too simple. unfortunately i can't pinpoint it, i would probably be a genius if i could, all i can do is to help whenever i see help is needed and it is in my power to help.

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maybe he plans to grow and sell his own canabis?
(ok, tongue in cheek)

check out www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ if you have trouble understanding what money is and why it is, in its present form, evil


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I've lived in America without a cent to my name since 2000. I don't do conscious barter, either, because conscious barter is just money in bulkier form.
Check out my blog:
& a website I just got finished:


I've lived in saudi without a cent to my name since 1992. I don't do conscious barter, either, because conscious barter is just money in bulkier form.
Check out my blog:



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Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More

Great article I came across "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More, Chris Anderson, New York, N.Y., Hyperion, 2006. 256 pp., $24.95 hardback. "


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Yes it is worth living to earn that money so your life becomes worthy of living..

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