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February 26, 2009


Bertil Hatt

I'm not sure what your costs would be, but I'd love to see how you intend to monetize the summit: sponsors, I guess? Any more original ideas?

As far as cheap goes, a free video feed accessible abroad would be great.

Mark Shepard

Dear Chris,

I'd love to present at your conference. I'm a singer songwriter who for 30 years could not perform or market my music due to anxiety issues.

Now, after clearing my stage fright w/ NLP I am performing full time and uploading my 400 or so songs to the web and studying the new models of Free. http://MarkShepardsongs.com

Also, inspired by Eben Pagens "moving the free line" concept I gave away one of the key NLP/time Line therapy techniques that I use with my anxiety clients on youtube in a 9 part short video series.

Eben said "give away your best stuff". A year later I have had over 50,000 views of the anxiety series and 3 months after the Life in song project began I've had 1,000-2000 hits per month from 53 countries.

Still learning how to turn that into actual money.

One of the free e-books I read recently, new music strategies led me to your blog...http://newmusicstrategies.com/

So as a singer/songwriter I would love to perform at your conference. I have songs that are designed to motivate and inspire. they also work in between speakers to change the mood and re-energize a group.

As an NLP master practitioner and trainer I would love to speak about some of the unconscious processes at work when we attempt to change paradigms and beliefs.

all the best,

Mark Shepard


I just purchased Russell Brunson's course on how to capitilize on this new "free" method. I like it. People like it. It works. will your seminar be any different than what Russell teaches? I would hate to drive all the way up there to find out its the same. thanks

Chris Anderson

I'm not familiar with Brunson's course. Can you post a link?

El kouahy

yes , could any one please give us more infos or a link to brunson's course . it seems really interesting and i'd like to know more about it


Myself myself Jimmy from. Canada. Every person dreams, not every day but dream. However some people want to know what their dreams mean. That can be answered with dream interpretation. It's part science and part art . But there is no doubt it's a useful skill especially when someone wants to learn what their dreams mean.


brunson's course? what is it all about?

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Rick Missoula Gazette

The cost of a newspaper has always been very heavy on the distribution. If the delivery is over the internet then the cost of delivery is so low it should be easy to build an online newspaper and support it with advertising.

Rick Bicycle Hangar

The moving the free line theory works great if you do it as Eben does. He gives you great information on the first step in a 5 steps to success process. He helps you master the first step and then sells you information on mastering the other steps.


Hi guys,
I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it’s not about the individual but it can be with everyone. Thanks

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I also believe and supports "free' initiatives. But I have yet to find a business model which can take me where I will have freedom from monetary issues


So, have you covered the whole internet porn 'freemium'' angle yet, and will you at FreeSummit?


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Is it free to go to the summit?
May we see the lectures on youtube for free?
May we see the presentations on slideshare for free?


thank you longtail family


I'm not familiar with Brunson's course. Can you post a link?


So, have you covered the whole internet porn 'freemium'' angle yet, and will you at FreeSummit?

Narendra Mahara

very good




However some people want to know what their dreams mean. That can be answered with dream interpretation.

David From The Deeper Voice Blog

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I'll be there...

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I read the post pretty fast, but is this event being held again or is there DVD's available?

I've read excerpt's from Chris's book and it's great stuff.

Julian Lockhart

I know of several business that if adopted the Free model would thrive whereas in the scarcity model they eek by year after year.


I hope I can attend the next event. Any firm date and place yet?


Giving away free information is really the foundation of my online business.

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Paul Hancox

Well, I guess I missed out on this, but I'd like to see some kind of a summary of what was discussed. I like Eben's concept of "moving the free line", but bottom line is you need to have ways of monetizing things or the economy will just grind to a halt.

Wait... that already happened. OK, carry on.

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Sometimes you have to give away things for free if you want to get people in the door. It's a good way to build trust and loyalty as well.

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I have adopted the free model for two of my websites and they are quite profitable:) This summit was an excellent resource thank you for the great post.

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There is no such thing as ''free''. Everything you do has a value, unless you don't value your time that is.. But great cincept for the seminar though, love it.

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