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March 23, 2009


Website Editor

well, I strongly agree with IAB video, for long tail there is only market of refind keywords. Very Interesting Video. Worth watching ..

Rodrigo Frías

Very nice! great job IAB.

Alberto Cottica

Chris, congratulations. Very insightful. As always, people lend a lot of credibility to concepts.


Long tail for me was an amazing thing which helped to get the huge traffic from search engines.


You know, if you really want the Long Tail to become "part of the parlance", you should probably drop the capitals.

John Boudreau

Great post. Just picked up your book.


A very good post indeed..
It is true that a large number of internet sites are supporting themselves by showing ads on their sites..
Some of them have made it a part of their income to do so!

Jeff W.

Great article, loved the video and the fact that the long tail is now part of the internet vocabulary! I am amazed how ads became part of the game on the net, i remember less than 10 years ago hearing from the news that internet advertisement would never work and that it was only a way to play, to have fun, but not to start a business.
|Jeff from free rpg games|
*Also i could add that to become part of the vocabulary is a very good achievement and that is shows how important is the role that plays this concept on the net now!


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Another classic from the IAB. News has recently been released that shows Internet advertising spend has overtaken TV advertising! I'm still struggling to sell advertising on my extreme sports site though


Indeed a good post! Hey i enjoyed this 7 minute movie and it is truly awesome! Really wonderful. Best wishes to you.


Thank you my dear brother
On this post
It's a very useful and wonderful
Best wishes you success

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