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March 11, 2009


Quang Ly

Lol. You are officially famous when you are dropped in a rap verse.

wes money

Dayumn Chris! Time to round up your clique and fire a diss track back before they make it on Digg's frontpage. Lol.


ouch! why you say so, you die happy? have you keep the Lord's commandments? :-)

alexandra 20

lol i loved that song too

lyrics are so powerful :)


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don't say that you can fie now... and it's a cool song, and Veronica Belmont is great!

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As a geek girl, I'm kind of proud of being considered worthy of being taken back to tha hotel.

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Gunpowder Tea

It sounds like you're under the impression that nobody has anything better to do than screw with the information on wikipedia. He simply suggested it in a blog. All you need is some common sense to rule out the fake information, but judging from your reply, it seems that you've lost yours.


The day hasn't been going great, but somehow I found myself reading this blog entry and I laughed until my belly ached. At you are honest :)


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Yeah, this is a pretty funny post. I couldn't help myself laughing!

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