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July 26, 2009



Congratulations! Where can people from outside the US or Europe download it for free?

Endy Daniyanto

Congrats Chris!

I'm reading the book on Scribd right now, and I'm listening to the audio mp3's as I go along (the 6 hour version, of course :-)

It's a really great read, and it's giving context and explanation to a lot of thoughts I've had on my own lately. It's also giving me insight into a lot of great ideas, and links into other informative sites on the net that just expands and expands and expands ...

Bottom line, it keeps me having to pause reading as I go, "So THAT'S why ..."

Now it makes a lot more sense (and makes it a lot less scary) to be part of FREE.

Is your book available here, Indonesia?



Congrats Chris,

But I think you should keep the free offer, and I don't think it will negatively inpact your sales. I downloaded the free version, and will buy the paper version as soon as I find it (in Portugal - but not in Portuguese - this is the kind of book I like to read in English).

And I think I'm not the only one. Probably I'll even buy more than on copy - I like to offer books.


Seth Godin

Congratulations Chris!

I think you mean "tied with #11" which is about 100 places higher than me...

Eric D. Brown

Congrats Chris - I need to read through this one to see.

Chris Anderson

Thanks, Seth! Yes, that was a Freudian slip: I meant tied for #11 ;-)

Now fixed...

Russell Mickler

Way to go, Chris!

I agree with TheMage's comments here: without a free version of "Free", being distributed electronically at least, it gives your critics unnecessary fodder that distracts from the importance of message; The Economists' review of your work was pure "missing-the-point" arrogant cheese.

Livin' Free - best wishes -

Adam Humphrey

Congratulations Chris, very well deserved!

I really enjoyed your book. What great serendipity that it was released as I was writing my first free (as in beer) software product.

As I listened to the audio book I became more and more inspired and am now a proud member of the Free Movement.

Keep up the good work!



Larry Velez

It has dropped off to #26 today, is there some relevance to how 'Free' has affected the 'atom' book sales?

(Listening to the Audio book, up to chapter 9. It has been rather quick to listen to the audio book vs. reading the "atom" book, but has required more discipline to not zone out and check blackberry or start writing in my notebook about other things)


Chris, when will available the translation into Spanish?

(I´m sorry for my bad english)


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Hans Christian Asemissen

Hi Chris,

did the publication of "Free" affect the sales of "The long tail" in any way? Regarding to this they should... ;)


New here but I see there is a buzz for your new book. I will definitely read it.
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Pedro Capistrano

Hello Chris.
Congratulations to u.

I´m brazilian and I tried to get the book on the web, but I didn´t.
To my surprise, I received this message :

Sorry, this content is geographically restricted

Due to our agreements with our publishing partners, the document you requested is only available to users located in the United States.
Lame :(

how can we solve this problem ?
This book will be so important to me and my friends
in our post graduation...

Hans Christian Asemissen

Hi Pedro,

you will not be able to solve this problem. I have the same Problem from Germany too. You should have used the emded version on thelongtail.com but the "free book experiment" is over, so no way to get it free.

Buy the print version, it is worth it!

Hans Christian

Alex Korbonits

A colleague of mine recommended this and bought the office a copy (hardback) on his expense account. So it was "free" from that point.

At any rate, it's been a day or two and I simply devoured it. I used only my "free" time to do so.

I very much enjoyed the combination of readable economics and intellectual property, two things that I think (or know?) are crucial to know in the FREE landscape we've already entered.

In other words, thank you very much for the work, and increasing your attention and reputation, I will post it on Twitter, Facebook, tell people by word of mouth, and likely pay attention to your future work.

Here's to FREE.

- Alex

David Kamatoy


I will mention the book on today's livestream show on ustream.tv. Love to talk to you sometime about it on the show.

You are the man. Huge influence in the Long Tail theory as well as blogging.


Branding Vacation Homes

Great book which I found to be greatly informative. Congrats!


Hello sir I have to say that this is one of the most informative books I have ever read
I now read newspapers (but do not directly buy) for a different reason to look for the angle and I also mindful of the spin that the press now put to stories to keep us in fear and that the Government of the day are there to protect us. Even though it is them that is creating the fairy tale in the first place.
Keep up the good work I am telling every one to read your book.
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That's Nice!!!

Greg Satell


I very very enjoyed "Free." Taking your advice to heart, I shamelessly plagiarized (actually more like summarized) your ideas in my blog, Digital Tonto.

Take a look and if I crossed the line,I will alter any offending material. You can find the article at: http://www.digitaltonto.com/archives/124#more-124

Keep up the good work,


Bob Angell

Mr. Anderson just finished the book. Great job and you have given me MANY new ideas for future business opportunities. BTW, downloaded while free on Kindle and also read on iPhone. Have highly endorsed your work.



yes thats is a good idea.


The rest of the world hasn't caught up to it yet. Like in my country the Philippines.

But I'm sure a lot more people from here will be demanding it soon.

Another classic book.

Thanks Chris.


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Good luck with your new book it looks promising.

Lawrence Ricci

I loved Free. The listings of fifty business models built on free is great- except you forgot one.

Services and products for FREE. Sell STOCK.

No business model lasts forever (well, except perhaps the first one) but this one has built a great lifestyle for many entrepreneurs.

Lawrence Ricci

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thats is a good idea. very nice and incredible post.

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Congratulations! for your successes.I read your book and really enjoyed.

Raquel Hirai

Hi Chris,
Sorry for spamming your blog, but I could not find your contact information on the web site.
I work for LiveCloud.com, an upstart, growing social network, and we would like to know if you are interested in a web chat with your fans in October.
Thank you!

London Printing

Well done!
Everybody likes free stuff!

Geoff Livingston

Well done, Chris! Great chatting today on the phone.


very good


Chris, thanks so much. I gave you a mention and link on my blog. Looking forward to "free" college education in the very near future.


Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here!
my best regards guys!
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Kevin Walmsley

Outstanding book. I finished it Friday, then went out and got "The Long Tail".

The writing is such that a non-techno, non-Y-Gen guy--like me--can understand it. In fact, my dad recommended it to me.

The only suggestion I could possibly make regards the introduction to Chapter 13, with the "Nature Wastes Life". It was such a powerful metaphor, I would have moved it up to the introduction. It crystallizes perfectly the thrust of the entire book, and--for me at least--that was the point at which the blinders fell off.

Superb book.

John Martin

Congratutalions Chris :) Its really amazing how much one can achieve.



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hi Chris
Congrats 2u it's a great book with creative idea


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