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July 26, 2009


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I now read newspapers (but do not directly buy) for a different reason to look for the angle and I also mindful of the spin that the press now put to stories to keep us in fear and that the Government of the day are there to protect us. Even though it is them that is creating the fairy tale in the first place.
Keep up the good work I am telling every one to read your book.
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Jessica Deal

This is truly a great book. I heard about it on NPR actually. It's great that it's a NY Times bestseller... and it's free!

Nicholas Ralph Baum


I'm taking the plunge! My book is available on Amazon, but I'm also giving it away as a free PDF on my website.

Let's see if this works!



Hi Chris!!
Awesome work highly recommended book

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Much Congrats! Life resembles art, and vice versa. The values of the book in practice, become the success of the book! Cool.


The New York Times Best Seller list is widely considered to be the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States.
and I am very excited to be a part of this commenting site and look forward to bringing Value to it.

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Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Congratulations to chris for listing his book in newyork times best-seller . I did not read this book but it seems to be very nice book. I love this blog also . I regularly visit this blog and found every of its post very interesting. I am fan of chris anderson .

Allise claxton

Me and my friend need help we are writing a book and we need to get it published can you help us by any chance


You can't beat free!

It's like an offer you can't refuse.


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Phil Simon

Congratulations Chris!

Seth - I think you mean "tied with #11" which is about 100 places higher than me...

You are thousands of places higher than my first and millions on my second! :)

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wow, by the time I am commenting it has dropped to even 50, looks like I must check on these things quite often

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you made the fatal mistake of taking the advice of a review written by an American. You can't expect the US to produce high quality novels.

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Enhanced Kre-Alkalyn

Happy New Your new books.


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