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July 15, 2009



Unfortunately not avalible at all in the Swedish iTunes store. Perhaps it's comming.

Paul Morriss

I can't get onto the US iTunes store without a US credit card (I'm in the UK) even though it's free. *sigh*

Ben Israel

Is it coming on Audible any time soon?

Justin Thorp

Ben, it's already on Audible and it's Free.

Chris, will it be free for the Kindle?

Have been listening to the audiobook and really enjoying it.


Same thing... Not available in Spain without a US account... There's still barriers after all...


Same for Italy .. also on Audible.


Got it through Audible, thanks! Seems iTunes is not the best channel for free stuff


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Victor Liew

NOT FREE in Malaysia too... either in Audible or iTunes.


Nikki Thomas

I'm suprised to see that something is free on itunes knowing that they $1 you to death for all of thier songs.


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but not available in Australia.

George Baier

I work in book publishing and this is a fascinating read/listen. Plus, it's free!


I stumbled upon the audiobook and absolutly loved it and now am contemplating buying your first book. Thanks for the free book.

Bryan Rosner

While I agree with a lot of your "free" concepts, anyone who has a full time paid job (you) can give their content away for free and say it is the way of the future. People could have done that 1000 years ago long before the modern business trends.

Busted Keys

as a proponent of your coined 'long tail' concept, i believe free digital products will be utilized as promo vehicles for niche artists for some time. and if ISP's trend toward acting distributors of that content (a la Universal-Virgin), then free may also mean less pirated as well. we'll see what free means when we transition into a trade-and-barter society.


Tip for when you are not located in the US

You can open a FREE account in/on/at the US iTunes Store WITHOUT having a US credit card. Apple even has a technote on it.


It only works when you start your account-making process in the iTunes AppStore (don't worry, you don't need an iPhone/iPod Touch for that) but when you are done you can get free iTunes audiobooks too.

I just did it and I'm in Canada.

A. Stenberg

Being in Finland, I downloaded Free from the Wired.com page linked above. So far, I've listened through about a half of it and loved every minute. A great book - thanks!

Ryan Guerra


Nice description of the current economic situation that companies and the world is facing. I'm half way through your book and find it completely intriguing. The book, "FREE" is right on with what I believe is happening.

I would love to interview you about my name for this current decade, 2000 to 2009 and the next decade, 2010 to 2019. I have coined two terms the Unies and Decies. I would like to see if I can contact you regarding the history of these two words and the current nameless decade.


Paul Arne Wik

Thanks a lot! I've been waiting for this one, most likely I'll buy the book as well :)

Bill Adair

Chris -

I just downloaded Free on my Kindle and salute you for your commitment to free-dom. One small complaint: Some words aren't capitalized when they should be. Do I need to buy the $26.99 version to get proper capitalization?

Luiz Augusto

Any news regarding the downloadable ebook version? I don't have skills to listen to something on English but I'm able to read texts in English. But I don't like to read using an Internet browser :/

Chris Anderson


There is a downloadable version for the Kindle (US only). But no plans for a PDF, at my publisher's request.

David McRee

Chris, I just finished the audiobook, which I downloaded from itunes to my iphone. I enjoyed listening to it upon awaking in the morning, and while driving (much better than radio). I must admit that in a moment of impatience, I almost gave up while you went over the history of "zero" while I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym and wanted a more practical treatment of "Free" and how I can incorporate it into my business model, but I gave into it and enjoyed the education. Your book is an intellectually engaging, thoughtful probing into the world of freebies. The economic analysis is most enlightening and thought provoking. You wind up with some wonderful suggestions on how to use free to earn more. I've already made changes to my sales process / offering based on ideas from your book. Were they entirely new to me? No, but listening to you made me think, consider, brainstorm, and come to a clearer picture of what I needed to do. Thank you!

Ellen Longo

Chris: I've been writing about your book in my blog, Astro4Business.com, and in researching the word, free, I wrote this in a recent post. I thought this was fascinating, hope you do too.

The word free comes from the root pri, which means love, beloved, belonging to the loved ones, dear, precious, peace, noble, joyful. The etymology cites that the primary sense seems to have been "beloved, friend, to love;" perhaps from the terms "beloved" or "friend" being applied to the members of one's clan – the people free to come and go through your territory at will. The sense of free as "given without cost" is from 1585, presumably “free of cost” to members of your clan.

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Any news regarding the downloadable ebook version? I don't have skills to listen to something on English but I'm able to read texts in English. But I don't like to read using an Internet browser :/

Huub van de Pol

Because Free is not available in either the Dutch or Belgium iTunes stores, we are happy to announce that the English-language version of Free is now available as mp3-download on Luisterrijk.com. Luisterrijk is the largest mp3-download store for audio books in the Netherlands and Belgium. The shop has a Dutch-language interface, but there is also some info in English. Check luisterrijk.com/english and download Free on http://luisterrijk.com/free


Which they had these on dutch


Free is available on Spotify as well. Spotify is Free as well ;)



Same problem with the french version of itune. Unfortunately, impossible to get the book for free in France.


Visa hänsyn till din partners barn om hon/han har barn sedan tidigare. Finns inget vidrigare en make som behandlar barn illa.


Visa hänsyn till din partners barn om hon/han har barn sedan tidigare. Finns inget vidrigare en make som behandlar barn illa.

Ryan Guerra

Still waiting for a reply from Chris Anderson on the nameless decades of 00s and 10s. Currently, not one newspaper or Wired magazine has commented on this missing words pronunciation. How will society pronounce this decade the fast approaching decade.

My blog, www.theunies.com/blog is capturing my efforts to gain media support for the best terms. I have named the decades Unies and Decies. I ask Chris Anderson to help prove me right. The two terms I've used come from Latin origination.

Chris Anderson...I read your books now at least give me 10 minutes to express my opinions!



I could not help myselt to say that your article is very good.Were the entirely new to me ?No,but listening to you made me think,consider,brainstrm,and come to a clearer picture fo whtat I needed to do.


thank you

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Same here not available in Spain.

Jacob Hiller

I love free stuff!
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I am from South Africa and a huge fan of Chris and all his work. I would also love the audiobook free but cant get it from SA from audible or even itunes, pls help me.


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The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

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FREE was available in all digital forms--ebook, web book, and audiobook--for free shortly after the hardcover was published on July 7th. The ebook and web book were free for a limited time and limited to certain geographic regions as determined by each national publisher; the unabridged MP3 audiobook (get zip file here) will remain free forever, available in all regions.

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