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July 05, 2009


Bradley Hall

Will the US Edition have a similar "special sponsored paperback edition"?

Chris Anderson


We don't have anything to announce yet, but that is our aim.


Where is the BrandRepublic page? I read it daily and can't see mention of Free in relation to this offer.


Is the spotify version also abridged?


Hey Chris,

Thanks for sending me a free copy. I just finished it and enjoyed it from cover to cover. BTW is this how the cover will look for the US version, minus the adobe ad?

Barry in Carmichael


How do i get this book in india? Is it available for free download here?

yona loriner

very interesting


I bet folks would pay a premium just to up their street-cred by powning a copy of that UK version Adobe ad paper back....I know that I have already spoof'd a proxy server to appear as a UK visitor to that BR site...laff, but alas no can findy...a scarcity ploy methinks....


Hey Chris,

How does 'sponsorship' from Adobe differ from 'being paid for by' Adobe? I haven't read the book yet, as I'm waiting for the version I don't have to pay for online...

But prima facie it seems FREE is just an umbrella buzzword for traditional concepts like loss leaders or advertising or sponsorship. In other words, shifting the cost component from the enduser to someone else who wants the end user's attention.

Maybe 'LOSS LEADER' didn't have the right ring to it as a title.

Nitin Nanivadekar

When would we have a PDF to download?

dofus kamas

"When would we have a PDF to download?"

no way

it doesn't mean real "free"

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Same as Nitin: When a simple pdf ? Why not ? Is it too much free ? ;-)
Do you know the sales of your book in Amazon ? Is it more than 20% of download of google book ?

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This is extremely helpful info!!! Especially since you guys are offering it for free!! Very good listing. Everything is true. Thanx.

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That's a great thing you're doing, giving it away in ebook format. Very much appreciated!

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This is a great move for you, making this free. A great PR boost probably.

Jump Manual

An actual book that is free doesn't make sense because it costs money to make.

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Hi Chris, really great going man! I really didn't know that you are providing free copies of this book. Great task. Keep going.


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Muscle Might

You had better have some solid proof of any suspected wrongdoing. If not, any person whom you name in your book can--and will--sue you for libey

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That is a Ton of exposure! good luck.



Audio books are great. Listen to them all the time. Although I do love a good read now and then...:)

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FREE was available in all digital forms--ebook, web book, and audiobook--for free shortly after the hardcover was published on July 7th. The ebook and web book were free for a limited time and limited to certain geographic regions as determined by each national publisher; the unabridged MP3 audiobook (get zip file here) will remain free forever, available in all regions.

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